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Essay - Words - although there are certain instances where it is justifiably considered to be letting die, it is essentially killing. Euthanasia - Wikipedia anonymous essay in the journal of the american medical association, describing the killing of a cancer patient by a resident physician, has astonished doctors and touched off a struggle between local prosecutors and the american medical association, which has vowed to protect the author's identity. Essay on Euthanasia: Suicide and Mercy Killing - Words those people who think euthanasia is morally right believe that a terminally ill person has the right to seek mercy killing.

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Essay on mercy killing reflects conflict on ethics for physicians and journalists. There is also the fact that although the patient themselves may wish to be euthanised, it may have a very detrimental effect on the family of the patient. It is clear that there are strong arguments from both sides, and the debate as to whether voluntary euthanasia should be allowed still continues. I also, however, agree with many arguments against euthanasia, such as the danger of it becoming a slippery slope.

I believe that voluntary euthanasia could be used as a cover up for more criminal acts, such as murder. I do however think that the idea that the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia could also lead to the legalisation of involuntary euthanasia is extremely unlikely, as I feel that the great majority of people would be strongly opposed to allowing this. Due to the fact that I agree with many of the points from either side of the debate, I find I am unable to fully agree with either of the sides, however, although I am leaning slightly towards the idea that euthanasia should be legalised in certain circumstances.

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November All Answers Ltd. Their reasons, however, suggest that it can sometimes be not wrong to actively kill some patients, i. Denying that passive euthanasia is ever morally permissible suggests that we must always do everything we can to try to keep someone alive, even if they are miserable, want to die, and say so.

Euthanasia: Is "Mercy-Killing" Right or Wrong? - Prasoon Joshi with Sadhguru

Passive euthanasia can be directly supported by both consequentialist or utilitarian and Kantian ethics. For the consequentialist, the patient being out of their misery is a better consequence for them , and overall, than their staying alive: this decreases the total amount of pain and unhappiness in the world, and no other choice would produce more good, for them or overall.

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Passive euthanasia can also be supported by stating conditions when it can be OK to let someone die. Passive euthanasia, then, can be justified in a variety of ways.

To see why active euthanasia might be permissible, we begin by reflecting on why passive euthanasia might be OK: it gets people out of their misery and respects what they want for their own lives. We then observe that these goals can often be pursued more directly and immediately by, say, giving them an overdose of pain-killing medications. Letting people die can take a long time, and that time might be full of unwanted suffering. Killing people, when they want to be killed, achieves their goals, more quickly.

So, it seems that if passive euthanasia can be permissible, so can active. There are many objections to this reasoning. Some concern euthanasia in general. Some claim that pain can always be controlled and so there is never a need to euthanize anyone.

Mercy Killing

However, this insistence that pain can always be made bearable is, sadly, not true. But making important decisions on very unlikely chances is often unwise. Most interestingly though, euthanasia would never prevent a miracle, especially one of divine origins. Further objections claim there are important differences between active and passive euthanasia, making passive permissible but active wrong.

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Perhaps killing can be justified when this is not the case. Some argue that there are important moral differences between allowing something to happen and doing something or because killing someone and letting them die are profoundly different, and so passive and active euthanasia should be judged differently. But consider this case:.

Euthanasia: Not Morally Acceptable Essay

An aunt will inherit lots of money if her five-year-old nephew dies.