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It has given stronger thoughts around the caring of a lifetime and work they desire, better assurance in the selections they desire. It has created better self-confidence in the services, potentials and qualities they produce for the profession of their choice. It has also made professional life remaining in a progress side to contest for occupations as well as giving the sense and abilities to examine their skills, private abilities and capabilities with managers. Finally it has help in good problem-solving and design services.

Reflection is the heart of effective learning to the development of all professionals simply because it allows everyone to learn from practice. Reflective practice has different methods of dealing with issues such as self and peer assessment, problem-based knowledge; personal development planning and assembly work can altogether be expanded to back a reflective methodology.


In discussing how reflective practice can be used in professional body to ensure continuing professional development. When the concept of reflective practice was initiated by Donald Schon schools, colleges and every education area started planning educator teaching and professional development plans centered on this idea.

The significance of reflective in educational module is to ensure more planning and it will expose a choice of styles. It will identify different way in which team partners select to reflect on specific actions. By means of this, it develops a standard idea in teacher learning curriculums. Involving myself in a professional development institutions is a way to combine reflection into practice.

The reflective medical health method has been introduced in some occupation area and it has developed into the work series in one way to the other, all the way through appraisals or assessment.

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Distinguishing their personal powers and anywhere they want to make a values influence to a team or workforce. The ability to know when they should make a valuable impacts to a group dialogs and when not and seeing ways of educating individual also team functioning. The question about reflective practice is how does it delivery and improve quality care when change is introduced with a service or management or how can one understand if these changes benefit the service users.

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Everyday group and monitoring of client information can be a good practice for this. The procedure of measuring and evaluating the benefit can be signified to as the performance pointers subject to what is about to be measured. Some of the tools used to measure the results of therapy can support organization to see the importance of incoming information if this data are exercised to recover client care.

This information needs to be interpreted into significant evidence that could notify choice creation at home and organization level if they are going to implement good practice. Performance pointers are goals set by a team, sector or service, at time it may be detailed to success of standards, lessening the time of waiting or client release.

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By using this plan as a professional resource, the members of learning team C will be able to address and improve their weakness, shape and strengthen their skills which will aid then in reaching their personal career goals. Having a learning team to accomplish a large project is very challenging especially if the learning team has just formed.

Each Member of the team has personalities, emotions, and attitudes which can be different from other Members. My Objective is to create a plan in which I can influence positively my members of the team to accomplish a common goal. Therefore, the team must achieve the goal by working together as a group to become successful.

Learning Team C is comprised of four members, three females and one male. Out of I do not like to procrastinate, I am the type of person who is very determine, and very persistent. So when I want achieve something, I put my mind to it then I pursue my dream, this is how I motivate myself. My family is my fortune therefore my first and utmost personal importance was always, to go back to school to achieve my goal. I graduated from Dade Medical College in November with an Associate degree in nursing, and I enjoy working as a med surge nurse. Right now I do not belong to any organization nor work in any leadership position, but my goal in the future is to become a director of nursing while continue to pursuing my goal such as the nurse practitioner.

Strengths and Weaknesses Strategic is one of the first strength that pinpoints me and still exhibited throughout my nursing training, I use to attain my goal and to care for my patients.

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Secondly as stated in the Gallup , learner is another strength I crave for on a daily Professional Development Plan Professional Nursing Practice November 28th, Nursing philosophy is a theoretical foundation that serves as a frame of reference to provide guidance and direction for the clinician.

Many nursing scholars including Patricia Benner have contributed to the nursing philosophical base. My personal nursing philosophy is shaped by the early pioneers in nursing to promote health and achieve optimal state of wellness for the patients. An individual value and beliefs system plays an integral role in delivering nursing care. My personal values and beliefs have guided me throughout my nursing profession. During my nursing career, I have carefully examined different pathways to achieve higher education to maximize my potential as a health care provider. This paper will discuss my personal philosophy of nursing including values and beliefs; roles of a baccalaureate prepared nurse including role transition with new opportunities available; two professional short term and long term goals including barriers and challenges; develop a strategic plan to accomplish these goals within five years.

In my daily practice as a registered nurse, my focus is directed by my philosophical beliefs to promote wellness for each individual. As a clinician, I respect the values of the early philosophers who have outlined the responsibilities of the nursing profession. There are also many things to remember once the position of teaching has been reached. Having a professional development plan is something to keep in mind when beginning and going through the teaching experience.

By creating this professional development plan I will be able to apply what I have learned in this class to my professional career. Here I will discuss my professional development plans to ensure that all students have a clear understanding that having an education is important and can lead to much success in their future. When many hear professional development plan, they automatically think anything that goes along with work. They will never think that their opinion or thought has anything to do with their professional development plan.

Only the individual can assess their own professional development plan and know what areas they need improvement on. Professional development plans can also be tweaked a little bit when assessing it and seeing what areas needs improvement on. In the next five years I plan on completing my Associates degree in elementary education and possibly pursuing my Bachelors. I also plan to continue to work in the position that I currently hold if not assistant, then lead teacher.

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I also plan to explore to find out what needs to be done for me to possibly begin my own school or some sort of I started in school in for Medical Secretarial Degree. I then returned back to school to obtain my Medical Assisting Degree in After completing that degree, I got a job in a medical office, got married in and then started working in the hospital. It was at that time I decided to return back to school to become a Registered Nurse. Since I have been a nurse, I have worked in the Cardiac unit, a float RN which I learned so much in all the different areas of nursing, Short term specialty Hospital which I learned about tracheostomies and wound care and then finally home health.

Strengths and Weaknesses First strength I have is my learning agility. I am a very quick learner and can pick up assignments quickly and learn computer programs quickly. Second strength, I can adjust myself to changes and new situations. Put another way, it's about where you are, where you want to be, and how you plan to get there.

Personal and professional development is often also called continuous professional development CPD. Have a look at a range of tools that can help you record your CPD. You can also download templates and view CPD examples. Find out more about personal development planning.

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