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Arsenal V Spurs Match Report, af als case study. Documents, newspaper articles, and Malcolm X's personal papers. This paper investigated the influence and impact of Malcom X' political philosophy on Allen and.

Marable first considered writing a political biography about Malcolm X in , when he was a professor at Ohio State University. He hypothesized that given the extensive surveillance of Malcolm's organizations, access to police records would fill gaps in the chronology of his life and also provide insight into his assassination.

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Additionally, Marable wanted to broaden the scope of knowledge about the organizations with which Malcolm was affiliated throughout his political career in order to provide a more detailed analysis of his ideological and political break with the Nation of Islam NOI in and his subsequent political development. While archival repositories held fragmented records of Malcolm X and his affiliations, the Shabazz family held the vast majority of remaining personal papers, correspondence, speeches, and diaries from these collections until Stored in the basement of the home of Betty Shabazz, Malcolm X's wife, the files were transferred to a storage unit in Florida until the facility put the files up for auction following a failure to pay.

The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture was able to negotiate for the long-term loan of this material, preserving the integrity of the collection and opening it to researchers for the first time. Drawing from letters in the collection of Haley's biographer Anne Romaine, literary agent Paul Reynolds, and editor Ken McCormick, Marable's research revealed that Haley and Malcolm had competing political objectives in writing the Autobiography.

Collectively, the new sites of inquiry that Marable's research initiated constitute the Malcolm X Project. This collection compiles material from the three initiatives that resulted in the final Malcolm X Project. This digital repository provided space for critical inquiry into the autobiography by offering interpretations through four distinct lenses: culture, globalism, politics, and faith.

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The multiple lens approach was designed to illuminate both the continuities and contradictions that ran through the memoir, providing further room for contextualization. Marable believed in broad public access to historical knowledge, so a selection of oral histories, secondary sources, and interviews with scholars were extended for public use. Included in the MXP papers are emails detailing the genesis of the MSE, course syllabi, course lecture notes, and asset lists.

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  • Among the notable interviews are discussions with several activists and scholars, including Ossie Davis, Robin D. Kelley and Farah Jasmine Griffin. The second portion of the MXP papers provides a series of richly textured oral histories. The MXP has compiled a vast collection of archival and periodical files. The material from the Schomburg Center has been removed for copyright reasons. Folders on key characters aggregate voluminous material used to construct multidimensional profiles.

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    Finally, the collection contains all chapter drafts embargoed for 25 years , some handwritten on thousands of pages of yellow loose-leaf paper. The Malcolm X Project records represent the research behind Dr. The research collection, amassed with the aid of nearly twenty graduate students, is a testament to Dr. The Malcolm X Project MXP records represent nearly 25 years of research, constituting the most in-depth scholarly examination of the life and legacy of Malcolm X to date.

    Subjects Black Muslims. Columbia University. Marable, Manning, ,. X, Malcolm, Archival Collections. Digital Collections.