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Beah wanted to live a peaceful life. So he chose the United States. On page 19, it was the after effects of the first rebel attack.

Published in , this book provides a firsthand account of the decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone and the ongoing plight of child soldiers in conflicts worldwide. He wandered his war-filled country and was then forced to join an army unit, which brainwashed him into believing…. Jacobs World Lit P4 11 December A Long Way Gone Everyone is like the moon, has two sides, dark and bright, and despite the atrocious acts of darkness the child soldiers has shown, but everyone shall get another chance to change.

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As he has participated in the war, Beah faces the challenges of being an innocent child after being a child solider successfully with the help of UNICEF staff…. Both sides of the civil war recruited and abused boys by forcing them to fight and getting them addicted to drugs. Most villages and families were forced to flee their homes and spend a long time on the run, moving from place to place to avoid the war. Families were separated and people were forced to either live on their own or seek others who they could find comfort in spending time with. Ishmael Beah and his brother Junior were separated….

The rebels are….

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His dreams became reality and reality became a part of his dreams. The government caused Ishmael to change from young, innocent boy to mindless child solider to a proper adult, but is still haunted by the memories of his past. Ishmael was introduced to a horrifying life at a young…. The novel follows Ishmael Beah, a twelve year old boy, as he experiences the civil war in Sierra Leone.

The civil war descends upon Beah as he and his friends are on their way to Mattru Jong to perform as a rap group in a local talent show.

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I know war…. Suicide and humor are two words not often associated with each other, but Nick Hornby takes the pair on in his novel A Long Way Down, a dark comedy about suicide and life after a failed attempt. The book is narrated by four characters taking turns telling the story in their voice. Therefore, he seeks to serve as a mentor to the shattered children affected by war. Beah often visits refugee camp to help the young people learn and get psychological support.

Ishmael Beah -- Child Soldier

Many of the children he works with have dropped out of school and struggle to help their families make ends meet. By working with researchers, he can help identify the main challenges facing child soldiers and help them improve their lives. His position as an influential author and ambassador of UNICEF allows him to reach millions of people around the world with his message of world peace. Essays on Heroism.

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Desmond Doss Desmond T. Doss, a military medic, practiced non-violence while saving many lives during WWII. Our gallery features art in the theme of heroism.

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah--A Psychological Analysis

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Wild Geese Read by Olivia Milch. You do not have to be good.

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Ishmael Beah is a deserving hero. The beliefs, viewpoints and opinions expressed in this hero submission on the website are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, viewpoints and opinions of The MY HERO Project and its staff. From the verandah, there was a beautiful view of the city and the ships in the harbor. He kept in touch with Esther and Leslie and was reunited with his childhood friend Mohamed. He also resumed school, St. Life was returning to normal and long talks with his uncle and routine family life were restorative.

He returned to his family and friends in Freetown, telling stories of his visit to New York City. He resumed his life as a high school student, living joyfully in the present in his new life, but this was not to last. Violence, looting and killings of civilians on the streets of Freetown convinced Beah it would only be a matter of time before he would be forced to return to his previous life, or be killed. In a series of arrangements and risks that would make a separate spellbinding book, Beah made it to Guinea where there was peace and then back to New York City to a storyteller, Laura Simms, he had met during the U.

In writing A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah has told his story, the story thousands of Sierra Leonean children trapped in the horrors of war, and the stories of millions of children who during the past quarter century have had their lives turned upside down and inside out by war and being turned into child soldiers. It is a story that should motivate us to build a culture of peace and oppose war, wherever we are, and to prevent new wars. Child soldiering will not end until wars are prevented and until conditions which cause wars and armed conflict are proactively addressed.

In other words, rehabilitation works. Beah is a strong global advocate through speaking engagements, workshops and advocacy forums to end child soldiering and support the rehabilitation of former child soldiers.