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Your study can focus on deriving the intensity of buying foreign products by consumers and specific brands of a particular country thos are bought most over others. Are there studies which have earlier measured these parameters of spcific brand or country, image of country of origin and foreign brand? If no, then your study could contribute in educating marketers of effective marketing strategies. If yes, if what way your study is different maybe in terms of methodology or sampled population, etc.

Thank you so much Miss Sudeshna. Thank you so much for your explaination and so on. Dear Chakraborty, I thank you very much indeed. It helped me a lot. Thank you Michael. Pleasure is all mine. Yes, definitely you can post your query! Look forward to it. Nice to hear that I could be of some help.

You are always welcome to share your queries to help us develop better. I really need help in developing my research topic. I am in dire straights because if I do not get this written in a week, I will fail out of school. I am desperate. Sorry for the late reply. Nice to her from you. Kindly do not panic, we are here to surely help you out. You focus on certain key questions like issues looming within sustainable employment.

Are there adequate studies on entrepreneurship and sustainable employment? Are these studies showing any concrete empirical findings of actual case studies? Which region most of these studies focussed onto? Here are some possible ideas you can focus on developing the problem statement- 1. Are there adequate studies on spreading awareness on the issues or recommendations to address the issues?

If yes, what are the methods used and recommended by these studies? Are they helpful in mitigating the problem? Where are they lacking and how your study will contribute in tackling the gap? If no, how your study will make a difference in the situation? My topic is the use of figurative language to empower literary texts. I am lost to put problem statement.

Problem Statement

Your problem statement can comprise of the following points: 1. Purpose of figurative language in literary texts. What are the varying perspectives of previous studies on figurative language used in Hamlet or any other Shakespearian writings. Contribution of this study in unearthing the use of figurative language. We are happy to help you out more precisely. Thanks so much…. Your problem statement can be developed keeping the following points in mind- 1. What are the different investment processes and practices associated in developing microbusineses.

Utility and issues associated with each of these practices. What are areas this study thinks needs more highlighting and why? What are the contribution of this study in highlighting those areas and dealing with those issues? What unique or innovative recommendation will this study strategise for investors of microbusinesses?

May you please help me in finding the research problem and questions and the significance on the topic: the role of tourism stakeholders in promoting the sustainable development. Responsible stakeholders to make a change in the hazards caused. How can tourism stakeholders make a change in promoting sustainable development by addressing those hazards? In what way this study can bring in the real picture of the role of these stakeholders?

Research Statement

Your objectives will develop from these points of problem statement only. Hope these help. Thanks, for reaching out. Role of teacher and classroom environment in enabling students to develop skills. Role of student-teacher interaction in helping students acquire skills. The contribution of the study in applying and understanding the role in student-teacher interaction in acquiring business skills. I would be more than happy to help you in deciding your topic.

For that kindly let me know: 1.

Your subject area of expertise 2. Area of interest. Purpose of conducting the research you want to do. The above points will help understand where your interest lies and what your strengths are. Dear Boniface, I would be glad to help you with it. You have to firstly prepare a proposal where you will identify the main problem of the research. What is lacking in current literature on the topic? How will it benefit the world? How will you address the knowledge gap? Then proceed to make the study background research objectives, significance of your study, and chapter scheme for the final project.

For your topic, the background can contain current mechanisms available for biogas production, and how they are insufficient or not optimal. Then list the possible methods to optimise it, focusing on the method you have chosen. After that explain the methodology. Hope this helps. Thanks in Advance. How are they harmful for the community? Hi Nina, I hope im not too late in answering!

Please follow the below steps to frame your problem statement: Hello, I think this will help you with framing the problem statement: 1 Start with the rapid expansion and positives of social media, especially Facebook. Am writing on a topic : the fight against corruption and Nigerian Foreign policy, the Buhari administration ….. What could possibly be my statement of the problem please. Hello John Good day. I hope im not too late in answering! You could explore the following in your research: 1 How has corruption affected the Nigerian economy in recent years?

Lastly, explain how all the three have adversely affected the economic performance of Nigeria and led to social unrest in some parts of the country. Then explain what needs to be examined; for instance, its impact. Then proceed to explain the need for your study and how it will benefit academia as well as the society. Please follow the below steps to frame your problem statement:. Hi shruthi datta. Hi Akshay, I hope im not too late in answering! You can conclude the section with your main research question to create a deeper impact.

Remember to be clear and precise in your sentences. You may state that there is an increase in obesity and related diseases due to sedentary lifestyles coupled with increase in consumption of such food. This phenomenon needs to be examined for negative effects. You can carry out a survey among online purchasers to identify which among these impact them the most. As for the problem statement, you can state that in the presence of so many parameters, it is important to identify the extent to which each impacts the consumer online buying behaviour.

It will help marketers frame better strategies. My research topic is Motivation factors for becoming entrepreneur and I am stuck framing my problem statement.. You can carry out a survey among entrepreneurs to identify which among these impact them the most. It will help marketers frame better strategies and governments make better policies to boost them. Dear Mustapha, Good day. You can conduct a survey among students and staff members to identify and assess the awareness. Dear Kabir, Good day! You will need to carry out an empirical research using survey to answer the research question.

According to me you need to work on your topic and research question more. I need a help in my college project topic please help me and my topic is quest for human values in night of the scorpion by nissim ezekiel. I have to submit this on 6th of this month if u help me i will be very happy. This is my first project ever. Dear Nice, Good day! You may attempt to study the effect of pipeline vandalism on the Nigerian economy, and the role and responsibilities of print media in accurate reporting of the events.

Your problem statement will be that despite the widespread economic losses vandalism causes, there is no significant study on the same. Hello Manohar, Thanks for reading our article. The problem statement for your research can be that since the company is going to launch a new product, it is necessary to study the market for consumer behaviour in order to ensure product success. Dear Uzochukwu, Thanks for your feedback. In order to frame the problem statements for your topic, please follow the below steps. Dear Elsa, Thanks for contacting us.

However these factors differ from country to country. You have to study them from the perspective of your country and also explore how savings patterns of the population in your country is changing. Connect the two and see if there is any study exploring how MFIs are affected by modern savings patterns.

Next determine whom such a study would benefit and why. This becomes your problem statement. Hi Tito! For your topic you must review the importance of communication at the workplace, and how it affects productivity. Then state the problem of your research- what is the issue you are trying to study? Dear shruti…please help me with the statement of the problem for my dissertation. And can you please give me another title related to the problems of the students in English if possible.

Thankyou in advance and godbless. Dear Jane, You need to be more specific about your intended research- are you studying a particular section of student community like, say, the Iranian or Nigerian community where English is a second language? Dear Godwin, There will be plenty of research already available on your topic, depending upon the country of research. But the strong point of your study will be that it is restricted to IDP rather than all citizens of the country. You can frame that as your problem statement.

Please help me in writing the statement of the problem. Dear Pravallika, There are plenty of research gaps in your topic. Practices in private banks are very different from public ones. Overall, you can highlight the recent issue of NPAs in banks and how it is majorly due to unethical or irresponsible decisions. Please help in writing the statement of the problem. The topic is the role of payment banks in building the creditworthiness of their customers. Plz help me in stating the statement of problem for topic peace process between India Pak during upa govt.

Dear Rayees, You may review the tensions and important events that took place between these two countries under the UPA government, followed by the impact of hostility on trade, economy, politics, and international reputation. Then also review the factors that play a key role in peace process and how it is faring in the Indo-Pak relations.

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Then explain what your thesis will propose and why its helpful. There are lots of emerging ICT technologies.

How to Write a good Problem Statement by Bashir, PhD

This is wonderful! I really leanrt new great things here today. The Almighty Allah shall further increase you in wisdom and knowledge. Adrian, Your topic is vague. Are you going to study how eco-friendly bricks are important for environmental sustainability? If so you can review the state of ecology in your country along with the role of construction industry in it. After that emphasise on the importance of eco friendly bricks being an important way to tackle the environmental problem. Hi Nompilo, Focus on knowledge and skill gap issue. The curriculum is not being updated as per industry requirements and thus students are facing difficulties in coping up with their job responsibilities.

The microfinance industry has in recent times been saddled with liquidity challenges, poor management practices among others and this has resulted in a number of microfinance institutions collapsing due to poor financial and operational sustainability. The Bank of Ghana, the main regulatory body through a consultant identified that a number of these institutions have high operating expense ratio, high portfolio at risk and inadequate loan portfolio.

Beyond the work of the consultant, some individuals have argued that, portfolio at risk cannot be included as one of the factors that leads to the collapse of Microfiance institutions since there seem to be no difference in terms of portfolio at risk when it comes to firms that are sustainable and firms that are not sustainable. For these individuals, age is the most important factor that could affect the sustainability of these institutions. What is the possible research problem that would help me verify the work of the consultant and the claims made by individuals in the articles above.

Hi Kojo, The findings of both parties are clearly contradicting each other. Your problem statement should mention the need for an empirical research of the MFIs to identify which claim is true. Do remember to include credible references while citing these claims. I would like you to revise if the topic and research problem of my monograph is correct.

Choose a research topic from your area of interest and write a proposal highlighting the background to the study, the problem statement, the objectives and the research questions. HI Andy That would depend upon your area of interest, the subject and topic, program details etc. Have you decided an of these? I really need assistance with this.. I have a question already, so I want to convert it to statement.

I really need to this help. My question is. My approved project is on the prevalence and resistance of E. Hey Darwin Tush Having a question makes it easier to frame the problem statement. Finally explain why it is important to answer this problem. Hi Slie, follow this format. Coli in poultry. Hi Phillip, You need to have a main aim and objectives. Email will not be shared. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. We have been assisting in different areas of research for over a decade now.

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How to write a statement problem

For assistance call IND projectguru. Research scope Types of measurement scales in survey questionnaires. How to frame a hypothesis from research questions? Preparing a solid thesis defense for the committee. Structural equation model SEM. Auto regressive distributed lag model ARDL and its advantages. Identifying research gap for analysis. How to write the problem statement in a research paper? Critically review or analyze literature in a research paper. Differences and similarities in Grounded theory and Ethnography. Different statistical formulas used in hypothesis testing.

Understanding research philosophy and research design. Research methodology and different research approaches. How to frame the right research objectives? Why is it important to properly frame research objectives? Hypothesis testing in a research paper. Writing a research paper on importance of human resource management. Benefits of outlining your research work. Understanding the importance of hypothesis in a thesis.

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Research article writing Research article writing service by experienced and highly qualified writers. Purpose behind writing problem statement in any research study is to: Problem Statement. About Latest Posts. Some of her strengths include, Good interpersonal skills, eye for detail, well devised analytical and decision making skills and a positive attitude towards life.

Her aim in life is to obtain a responsible and challenging position where her education and work experience will have valuable application. She is a true Piscean. She loves doing things to perfection with passion. She is very creative and likes to make personalized gifts for her dear ones, this is actually something that keeps her going.

Shruti loves adventure sports and likes river rafting and cliff jumping. Hire us for research analysis. Related articles Understanding the importance of hypothesis in a thesis Hypothesis is a conclusion put forth by a researcher or scientist after conducting proper studies about Limitations and weakness of quantitative research methods Quantitative research main purpose is the quantification of the data. It allows generalisations of the results by measuring the views and responses of the sample population.

Every research methodology consists two broad phases namely planning and execution Younus Critically review or analyze literature in a research paper Critical review means you are identifying the problems or weaknesses of a previous research. For example, the job of a food critic is to criticise food served to him. Writing a research paper on importance of human resource management Thesis writing is an art which not only involves logical presentation of the facts but also presenting the facts in a proper manner making it interesting and understandable.

Importance of research approach in a research Research approach is a plan and procedure that consists of the steps of broad assumptions to detailed method of data collection, analysis and interpretation. It is therefore, based on the nature of the research problem being addressed. Research approach is essentially divided into two […]. Discussions Comments.

Shruti Datt November 21, at pm. Jeramel Sierra September 13, at am. Aqeel February 5, at pm. Kelly April 24, at pm. Mercy May 4, at pm. DeeD August 17, at pm. Shruti Datt August 23, at pm. Aldrin January 27, at am. Shruti Datt February 15, at pm. Maureen February 15, at pm. Can you help me on the statement of the problem for my research. Dear Maureen, Yes, surely we can help you with same.

You may drop us a query. Shruti Datt February 24, at pm. Dear Mehjabeen, Greetings! Shruti Datt March 10, at pm. Dear Phaviithtirrah, Greetings! Thanks,very helpful im writing my research paper — im on the problem statement. Shruti Datt April 7, at pm. Musa Jadama July 1, at pm. Shruti Datt April 11, at pm. Shruti Datt April 12, at pm. Gloria April 13, at pm.

Financial sector reform stability and industrialisation in Nigeria. Shruti Datt April 13, at pm. Dear Gloria, You need to know if there is enough stability and industrialization in Nigeria? Shruti Datt April 24, at am. Shamil Agosi April 24, at am. Shruti Datt May 19, at am. Dear Shamil, What kind of help do you need with your research paper? Tom Kamanga May 1, at am.

Joseph Karimbika May 19, at am. Sudeshna Chakraborty May 20, at am. Gold May 31, at am. Sudeshna Chakraborty May 31, at pm. Hello Gold To begin with your query, content and word count of a problem statement entirely depends on the study aim and scope. Gold June 1, at pm. Gold June 5, at pm. Sudeshna Chakraborty June 23, at pm. Shruti Datt July 3, at pm. Nidhi Mistry July 4, at pm.

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  • Shruti Datt July 4, at pm. Ansa July 14, at pm. Sudeshna Chakraborty July 17, at am. Dear Ansa, Kindly let us know your research topic and aim to help you understand the significance and techniques of stating research problem, related to your study. Maaytah July 16, at pm. Shruti Datt July 18, at am. Shruti Datt July 20, at pm. Francis August 3, at am. Shruti Datt August 8, at pm. ChanPark August 20, at pm. Rizza May August 26, at pm. Shruti Datt August 28, at pm. Once you understand the problem you are researching you can start creating research surveys for free with Qualtrics.

    A research problem is a definite or clear expression [statement] about an area of concern, a condition to be improved upon, a difficulty to be eliminated, or a troubling question that exists in scholarly literature, in theory, or within existing practice that points to a need for meaningful understanding and deliberate investigation.

    A research problem does not state how to do something, offer a vague or broad proposition, or present a value question. It will help the decision makers evaluate the research questions your project should answer as well as the research methods your project will use to answer those questions. Two or three clear goals will help to keep your research project focused and relevant. As a marketing researcher, you must work closely with your team of researchers in defining and testing environmental variables. This will help you determine whether the findings of your project will produce enough information to be worth the cost.

    In order to do this, you have to identify the environmental variables that will affect the research project and begin formulating different methods to control these variables. Research problems range from simple to complex, depending on the number of variables and the nature of their relationship. Sometimes the relationship between two variables is directly related to a problem or questions, and other times the relationship is entirely unimportant. If you understand the nature of the research problem as a researcher , you will be able to better develop a solution to the problem.

    To help you understand all dimensions, you might want to consider focus groups of consumers, salespeople, managers, or professionals to provide what is sometimes much-needed insight into a particular set of questions or problems.