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Literature Review With an increasing number of countries and regions seeking to capitalize on their heritage as a way of attracting growth in tourism and the economic benefit that this brings, it is important for the operators of historical sites and festivals to have a complete understanding of the consumer, the product they are offering and the ways that product should be marketed. The consumer in this instance is not an average holidaymaker. There is a specific historical purpose to both the design and purpose of their holiday.

Today an increasing number of tourists are moving away from the concept of pre-packaged sun and leisure breaks. It is estimated that around twenty percent or tourists now put the arts, culture and history among their top five reasons from traveling. With more competition comes the need for effective marketing.

The marketing of Cultural Heritage sites is a subject that has to be dealt with in a sensitive manner, as many writers have acknowledged. Rowan Yorke and Uzi Baram have compiled a number of studies relating to popular cultural sites worldwide, which deal with the interrelationship that exists between the commercial and political aspect of historical sites, including balancing the importance of archaeology against profit.

However, careful marketing can, if properly constructed and programmed, successfully promote the site. It is vitally important when designing a marketing program to advance the qualities and attractions of the site in a way that will bring it to the forefront of the travelers mind, making it more relevant and notable to them than sites of a similar nature.

To achieve this, one must use the particular qualities of its historical value to target the appropriate market.

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This is particularly relevant in terms of the festival subject being studied within this paper. Most researchers feel that Festivals take on a special significance. With such intensity of competition, the importance of marketing festivals nationally and internationally becomes paramount. Nigel Morgan et al suggest that destination branding gives marketers the ability to address one of the most important aspect of the special event, namely how appropriate is the destination itself.

As we have seen festivals that are correctly portrayed which means dealing with the political, cultural and social side successfully can bring economic benefits.

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To successfully market a musical festival one has to first evaluate what genre the music fits into together with its historical and geographical position, then look to the target audience, in order to give an organized structure to the marketing program. Johnny Allen As a result of this review it can be seen that we need to look at the type of cultural tourist, their musical tastes together with the historical and religious background, musically and destination based, of the festival itself.

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Special Interest Tourism. If walls could talk: Telling the story of a historic building to create a market edge. Destination Culture: Tourism, Museums and Heritage.

Assessment of Cultural and Heritage Resources

University of California Press Morgan, Nigel. Pritchard, Annette. And Pride Rogers. AltaMira Press Stebbins, Robert. Cultural Tourism as Serious Leisure. Annals of Tourism Research. First, we go about defining the concept of human capital.

Cultural Heritage Tourism

Afterwards, there will be a section which talks a bit about the history of the economy of Mauritius. Then we will move on to another section which tries to explore the different factors as to why and how human capital is important to Mauritius. We will then have a concluding remark….

The management process may entail product development, marketing and branding, collaboration with various partners, and community affiliation. However, for one school of thought, competitiveness is equally applicable to all business enterprises, levels of government…. High costs and long waiting lists at home, new technology and skills in destination countries alongside reduced transport costs and Internet marketing have all played…. Hotels have henceforth continued to develop out of tourism efforts and this has brought a lot of challenges related to the performance of these hotels in order to meet international standards.

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These challenges have necessitated a study by various authors of the drivers of performance in hotels. The hotel industry has been identified as one of the most important sectors that have a positive correlation to tourism industry and therefore no country or region can expect to attract….

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Now in its tenth year, the HPI is respected as the definitive report on hotel prices paid around the world and is increasingly used as a reference tool by the media, hoteliers, financial analysts, investors, tourism bodies and academics. The international scale of Hotels.


It incorporates both chain and independent…. The overwhelming primacy of London in Britain came to be seen as less urgent than the fears that it could not hold its financial, transport or cultural position against the challenge of Paris, Frankfurt or Milan, New York or Tokyo the theme of Kennedy, and many other studies. Old style planning in Europe and north America was violently ruptured because it had been effective. In India, given…. This aspect is crucial since later it will be shown that China's FDI figures are actually overstated because of what is known as round-tripping of capital through Hong-Kong.

Looking at the various economic data, a priori China…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. All easily accessible to everyone. A simple interesting visitor, a layman or an expert.