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I learn basic things that could vastly improve my video, sound and image editing. I decided to stick to my original editing packages as I personally have no faith in Serif products in comparison to Sony and adobe. I started by designing my film in Serif but became quickly aware of its flaws and technical limitations. From this point I changed to Sony Vegas and although it began difficult to use, became second nature to edit cut and add media effects in real time to my film.

The editing became much more complex by the end of my productions that ranged from being able to add gradient darkness in and out of scenes and creating audio spikes with the Sony Vegas sound editor. I found this a very interesting editing technique as I could add moments of tension by spiking the audio to make a loud bang. This was limited by how much the listener could comfortably enjoy, so I had to remain reasonably quiet as not to damage somebodies ear drums but still retain the horror side.

My other editing progressed mostly with Photoshop as I was already quite familiar with the program which allowed me to try experimental things like creating a shatter effect with my original magazine cover.

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This gave my empire a splintering effect with the use of paint brush and lasso tool. I referred to online tutorials to harness other effects that I added. One specific effect was the gradient colour effect. This allowed multiple colours to be produced from a simple word and allowed me to overlay them to create a great effect. I liked the aesthetics of the destructive shattering effect and put it in my own work in subtle sections.

I also considered using a shatter text for my short film movie intro. I also learnt a lot about media conventions and the way to make a specific audience intrigued by my work and other ways of making a text look professional by mimicking other industry standards such as taking a certain Masthead style from Empire magazine and sticking to a certain colour scheme of the magazine.

This course has altered the way I think about certain media types and the way they are used to manipulate and entice the reader. This ranges from simple colours that connote certain feelings such as the main highlighted banner area behind the Q in the 'Q' magazine is there because the colour red connotes violence and warning and passion to grab the audiences attention. I created these questionnaires so that people could give me feedback about the posters in hopes that I can improve them so that they are more aesthetically pleasing to customers.

This feedback may be added into the film page covers from the initial design into the finally produced version.

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It will also decide for me which front cover looks the best out of the three mocks. Wednesday, 22 June Preliminary. Before we shot our short film our big problem was deciding on what we were going to shoot it about and how the very linear story we had to follow with camera maps and etc could be tweaked to make our film more original than others. After a brief discussion we came to a decision of making a crime thriller as it would suit our surroundings best. Once we had done this we ran into two problems: The first being, we would have to try and wear similar over the two days of shooting and we would also have to get past a security lock door without involving any of the cast to open them.

We sorted the first problem extremely well as we shot the whole thing in one day of two and for the second problem we learnt we could quickly unlock the door and then instantly open it when the cameras were rolling. What was the task?

Our task was to shoot a preliminary video of somebody walking down a corridor from multiple angles to make it intriguing and for them to proceed to opening a door with an extreme close up so that we were introduced to continuity editing. This dialogue could be whatever we wanted so we decided to do crime thriller.

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Again this is a very strong generic convention of a trailer, so we are glad that she picked up on this. Furthermore Laura said that the fade to black built up tension throughout which again is positive as we aimed for our audience to feel tension. Lastly the sound effects that were used in our trailer didn't seem out of time and place. We have grown a lot stronger with being able to add our own sound in over the top which has paid off. However we couldn't have added in too many bright colours otherwise we would have challenged the conventions of our genre. Furthermore shows our trailer contains good enigma.

Additionally, Arif believed that there was good continuity flowing all the way through the trailer, again this backs up our last point of the trailer not boring any audience members.

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This is what we want from our trailer. Lastly He mentioned that our production logos appeared really realistically on the screen, proving that we have managed to present our trailer in a professional way and the logos have professionalism to them. The final person we interviewed really enjoyed the soundtrack to the whole of our trailer; the whole way through the soundtrack built up with tension and got faster. The sound bridges that were used with the voice over again worked really well and were a great element to our trailer.

He specifically mentioned that he didn't get bored which shows that our trailer was a very good duration length as well as containing capturing clips. Additionally Matthew spoke about the horse featured and how it was unique to any other A2 media studies coursework as it would be pretty difficult to film someone who knows someone who owns one. This captured his attention massively and enticed his emotions towards the trailer even more and builds up the fantasy genre as it could turn into a mystical creature.

Monday, 4 May Evaluation - Question 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Sunday, 3 May Evaluation - Question 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

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Friday, 1 May Final Video. Here is the final cut of our video:. Thursday, 16 April Cut 2. Moreover, I had learnt another useful tool, which is called blur. This tool allows altering a section of the image and makes to become pout of focus, what influencing on the rest area of image by making its more stands out.

Besides, I had also learnt about the transformation tool, which has many different subsections that all of them are transforming and altering the image in order to create a different effect. The rotate tool allows rotating the image, and also the skew tool is allowing to lean or bend an object in different ways.

It is helpful tool as is giving to the picture different perspective. The perspective tool gives the image zoom in and out look, while distort tool allows to bend the image and push it in any direction. The numeric tool, allows in setting precise transform numbers, and is supportive when the images have specific requirements of the certain amount of size.

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The character tool is one of the most necessary one which I had to leant while I was creating my media product, because its allows to make a changes for font and layout issues. Other tool which help me in creating my media product and which I had learnt, is the layer style which is an option available in the Photoshop. This is simply a kind of tool which allowing to blend the particular layers. This option has different styles like drop shadow, stroke and colour overlays.

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