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Is it a negative or positive development? Time is running and we are keeping our pace so as to chase it but in doing so our style of living life has also been changing from traditional and conventional to modern sophisticated luxurious form. As a result, we are consuming healthier balanced diet and using less physical force in performing jobs which is soaring our life expectancy a bit longer than we used to live in the past. By contrast, it is highly contentious as some are in favor of this ideas and others are antagonistic to this. To begin with potential merits, as we are stepping on this modern era of world which is driven by advanced form of technologies and lots of other advancement everybody has strong proclivity for living life with fullest use of these development.

Thus, we are avoiding muscle demanding work but intensively using machinery aides. Similarly, our way of nutrition intake has been changed to proper form and in scheduled way. From dusk to dawn we are so prudent and wise in assimilating balanced diet, keeping body fit by visiting gymnasium, saving loss of calories and time by using automobiles for transportation etc. Moreover, most of people nowadays are well educated and conscious of their own health.

Therefore, this is putting our life span bit longer compared to the past which I partially believe is advantageous to us. I see two fundamental reasoning in favor of this. Firstly, most of us want to live longer to taste the advancement of future world and share our expertise to upcoming generation. Secondly, all families want to live their beloved for longer time. To exemplify, this is more evident in hospital where we can always observe that the family of patient whose life is almost at end is yelling for bit longer life.

To illustrate more, a early demise of veteran professional is great loss for this world as it will cost much penny to raise another individual to bring up to this professional level. On the other hand,others in against with living longer life might argue that this is absolutely not good as it might be a problem for maintaining ecosystem to this Earth and leads to unbalanced population of flora and fauna.

Furthermore,it is highly pejorative to live longer because people will have to fight for opportunities such as jobs,food and shelters as well as transportation as many octogenarian people still occupy the position which is anticipated to be filled by new comers in this Earth. Therefore,according to Charles Darwin-'Struggle for existence' will be observed which in turn result deleterious effect like kidnapping, extortion and vandalism for their survival.

Besides this, weaker will always remain weaker and similarly does the richer. Moreover, increasing population will have to deforest jungle in order to build their home and for making food which will slowly put the Earth deficit in resources. Consequently, extreme scarce in trees will stop precipitation level but increase in greenhouse gases like CO2 which is very harmful in depleting ozone layer thus by bringing global increment in temperature.

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To conclude, though people want to live longer its disadvantages easily outweighs advantages. Therefore, I wholeheartedly suggest it is not good idea as we have to give equal opportunities to upcoming generation and play parental role towards them and take care of our ever best natural abode-The Earth. Some people think that only governments can make significant changes in society, while others think that individuals can have a lot of influence. Alterations in the society can be brought by government and sometimes by individuals too, think people.

However, it is true that society is made by every single person but controlled by government. Although individuals can make changes but the ideas and will of every person differ; therefore government not only has to spread the awareness among people but it also has to impose new laws, which everyone has to follow or is compelled to follow, in order to make society an excellent place to inhabit.

Some people like to invest their own belongings to make their society better while some are reluctant just because they think the government should fulfill their needs particularly the basic ones. For instance, two persons living in a same street: one throws the garbage in the dustbin which he himself has planted outside his home.

Other throws his garbage on the road of the same street and thinks that any government servant will come and clean the street. So, by these two opposite actions the society cannot be cleaned because the hard work of one person will go in vein just because of the action on another person. Government has the power to make people aware of things which harm and which are beneficial for the society.

For example, government should spread the awareness through things like media and home to home surveys. This will reduce the negatives in society and increase the positives. In addition to the government's range of authority, government can introduce new laws and can bound people to follow them.

Like, if one's idea or will of benefiting society does not match another's idea then it does not matter because government wants them to follow what it wants them to follow. By doing this, opposition of one another will vanish. To conclude, despite individuals' clash in changing society, the government can make them do the same work which would be constructive for the sovereignty. I believe if citizens abide the laws which are promulgated my government then the society will be as clean as a whistle.

Help this student to improve their score by commenting below. Although many people value their public parks, this space could be better used for other purposes such as residential areas for the ever growing population or to develop business and boost economies. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this? Parks are important to our life; they give us clean and fresh air and gives us an area of jogging, walking and playing.

It is argued by many that park space can be used for residential purposes as there is a need of space due to the growing population in our societies. I believe, not only park provides relaxation and greenery; it also takes us close to nature which is lacking due to ever-growing increase of concrete buildings. Nevertheless, after hard work everyone needs relaxation and rest which most of the times is fulfilled by parks. The relaxing environment of park gives a soothing experience for anyone who is looking for tranquillity.

For instance, I go to office every day and after returning I sit and relax in the park to cool down my mind from the stress which I took from my office Which is usually taken from my office. Moreover, parks provide shade in summers and can be used for basking in winters. People enjoy sitting under a tree or bushes which keeps them out from the hot sunshine in summer seasons.

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Similarly, in winters, people love to sit in the park to bask and to get rid of the cold waves. However, due to the large area acquired by the park and growing demand for residential buildings there is a need to contemplate on the need of parks. It has been evident in the past that demolishing of parks and making space for the buildings is sufficing the need of residential space. For instance, urbanisation is increasing day by day and covering large which was earlier acquired for the parks. Therefore, it is discernible that space can be made out from these parks for residential areas.

In conclusion, I believe, parks are a useful part of our life, they should be demolished to make space for residential colonies.

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Not only they bring us close to nature, they also provide necessary oxygen and greenery which is lacking these days in the urban areas full of concrete buildings. I scored 6 in my writing, but I need minimum 7 band. Please check my essay, it will be very helpful for me. Shopping is becoming more and more popular as a leisure activity. However, some people feel that this has both positive and negative effects. Why is shopping so popular? What effects does its increase in popularity have on individuals and on society? In free time, people spend most of the time in purchasing something in showrooms or markets.

Although, every person have different opinion on shopping and some believe that shopping works as a stress buster and it helps in keeping us up-to-date in market. But, I believe shopping leads to a problem because people buy lot more Unnecessary things and till the end they stuck in financial problems. On the one hand, Shopping is very much famous in terms of passing time.

There are many reasons behind this, like weather conditions in these days are very unpredictable. So, people spend most of the time in window shopping in multi-brand malls where air conditions works for 24 by 7 in case of summers and heaters in season of winters. In recent research,it was found that every weekend cloths outlets are earning 5 times more than weekdays. On the other hand, increment in popularity of shopping has effected tragically to the many people and leads to weaken the social life of individuals. Earlier people used to meet each other in free time; So, that time they were socially very much active.

But, now people spend time in purchasing things on their credit cards which turns out to be another problem for them. In conclusion, I believe we should not spend our precious time into shopping and instead of that an individual can go out for travel and spend less time and money in shopping. In this way, people will be able to make better social life yet money will spent in traveling but it will also release stress and motivate to work more and earn. To some people studying the past has little value in the modern world.

Why do you think it is important to learn the past? What will be the effect if children are not taught history? Some people assume that the present is hardly getting involved in the history, so learning about the past is not important. In this essay, I am going to give several reasons for studying this subject along with some problems that could emerge if it is not taught at school.

In my opinion, there are two main reasons requiring us to know about history. First of all, when the young are reminded of majestic events in the past, their patriotism can be stimulated. For example, after searching information on history to preparing for a presentation at school, my sister now becomes more proud of her country. Moreover, commemorating the past through lessons enables children to gain a reservoir of knowledge and experiences. If students are not educated in history, there will be some negative effects on themselves as well as the society.

Without knowing history, the new generation may gradually become ungrateful and neglectful. Besides, the national security and defense will be put in jeopardy due to children lacking historic comprehension. Specifically, a recent magazine has indicated that a country can not survive without being loved by its people. In conclusion, studying the past plays an important role in nations' existence, as a result, it is crucial for youngsters to learn it.

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I advocate that the government should take more measures to generalize history to the young in particular and the publicity in general. Click here to post comments.

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Nowadays we communicate less with our family members. To what extent do you agree or disagree? It is often argued that millennial generation is largely witnessing the shrinking communication among family members. This essay completely agrees with the statement and discusses how changing life style and enhancing indulgence into the virtual world are impacting the personal lives of young generation. One clear example is young generation specifically in developing countries majorly involve in projects at workplace that include co-ordination among people from different countries which often leads to largely working late nights owing to different time zones.

The prevailing late night working culture creates a major time mismatch with other members in the family. Secondly, the blurring line between real and virtual life such as easy access to social media, internet browsing, various applications and games on mobile itself engage youth and capture major chunk of the day. To conclude, the changing life style and evolution of virtualization have completely disrupted the personal life of young generation. This has left little time for personal communication that nurture the relationships, hence witnessed the rising number of relationships going sour in modern society.

Stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world. What are some of the factors in modern society that cause this stress, and how can we reduce it? In the contemporary world, the issue of stress has been found to affect almost everyone at some point in their lives. This essay will look into the precedents of rising stress levels in society, and potential measures that can be taken to avoid or reduce it.

The reasons of stress can either be physiological or psychological. Among the former, the use of screens is the leading factor. In the present information age, the lifestyle of people and the nature of their jobs have altered. One of the most notable changes is a very high tendency of screen use in the form of desktops, laptops and mobile phones among others.

Spending long hours focusing on screen causes the muscles to stiff and boost the stress level. If we talk about the latter, people belonging to almost all age groups residing across the globe face tensions about various matters related to education and jobs due to heightened competition in these fields. Such worries coupled with uncertainly about future lead to increased stress levels. Although the problem of stress is definitely prevalent in current context, there are a number of stress management techniques that can be learned to tackle this issue.

First, one must take short breaks for simple exercises while doing office work or while studying to relax the muscles and avoid stress. Second, consultation with a sincere friend or a psychiatrist for catharsis can turn out to be helpful when someone is facing high stress level. In addition to these, one must also try to stay away from certain situations that cause stress for example toxic relationships, dishonest friendships and political environments. In conclusion, due to changes in overall society, people are more likely to experience stress.

Although it is a pressing issue, it can be solved easily through adopting some crucial yet uncomplicated measures. Some people prefer to spend lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always a good thing. It is true that people perceive change in different ways. Some members of the community believe that change is always for the better, while others think otherwise. Those who are in favor of change may argue that it poses a possibility for a particular person to improve him- or herself, both mentally and socially.

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From the mental perspective, changes relating to traveling and receiving education help one broaden one's mind and learn something new. As for the social perspective - it is empathy for others that he or she may acquire after suffering changes in his or her private life, because it is known that those who experienced various changes in relationships with their family or acquaintances may then better understand other people's feelings. This way, change improves not only person's mental, but also social and private aspect. In contrast, those who avoid changes point out the difficulties to readapt to them that many people experience.

For instance, some large companies, Finnair for example, practice giving professional psychological and medicine support to those employees who were sacked due to companies' structural changes. Apparently, such policies infer that a spate of people may suffer from the difficulty to accustom to the changes and find their new way in life. In addition, it can be pointed out that changes regarding private affairs not always make a person better.

For many people such changes simply cause a nervous breakdown, and, again, may jeopardize their health, since psychological aspect of a person is tightly connected to his or her general well-being. In conclusion, my view of the problem is that change is an indispensable part of our lives, so people should accept this fact and try to learn how to tackle it rather than avoid it, which is impossible.

Please give me feedback for my essay on change. I know that's not academic language, but it's the truth! View the eBooks. The local council is planning to close a football ground down near you because it is in disrepair. You and other residents disagree with this and want. Read More. Hi Guys, Can anyone help me evaluate the below letter. This is my first trial You work at home and have a problem with a piece of equipment that you. Writing Task 1. Writing Task 2. Letter Feedback. Essay Feedback. Writing Band 7. Changes in Society Essays by Arvind Sharma. May 17, Average essay by: A maybe-lucky 8.

Although it's a good essay, I truly recommend you to fix these mistakes: 1. You can "strongly agree", "partly advocate" with the idea. As I said, be straightforward. Generally, you have a major mistake which will deprive you from getting a high score: No specific examples. I can give you some hints: goverment can make changes: compare between US government and Chinese to show the impact of their policies onto the environment, lifestyle, technology Your choice. Individual: take the young boy in Hong Kong who is fighting for democracy.

There are some minor mistake, like the first idea in 2nd par is confusing government enforced law to keep the society safe from harm. Well, I think I shouldn't fix your main idea but let you read again and reconsider. So, "no pain, no gain". Keep up the good work. May 19, Thanks for giving an advice by: Anonymous Thanks a lot for marking my mistakes which I made during writing an essay. I really appreciate that you have paid attention to it and spent your time to mark the mistakes. I will keep your advice in my mind whenever I will write an essay.

I will be posting a new essay and looking forward having some comments on it. Mar 25, vocab rectification by: Azam According to me For instance, recently many "youngsters" work and make "a lot" that "enable" them to live "independently" and then get "married". Mar 25, scoring essay on the causes and effects of living alone by: Anonymous Thank you Azam for your comment.

Please could you score this essay? Mar 28, my views on this causes and effects of living alone essay by: Teresa Fernandez The essay is good, but be careful of mistakes like 'get marriage'. The correct way to write is ''get married. However' the essays format, the setting, the idea are good and focussed.

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I teach Ielts in Cochin, Kerala, India. Apr 01, correction for essay on the causes and effects of living alone by: Anonymous First, in the second paragraph, i noticed a mistake in spelling, the paraphrase should be "make money" instead of make many. Secondly, i think the topic was vital and the writer was quite good in organising his thoughts and analysing the problem and its reasons. Jul 23, same topic for my july ielts exam.

Even God said he had placed before us life or death, we are to make our choice. In my opinion living alone has a negative impact on the development of the the country. I said that people who live alone may not be able to socialize well and therefore not be able to make significant contributions to the development of their country.

I gave an example of bill gates who through his ideas made necessary contributions to the IT world through micro soft because he was not living alone but was good at socializing. I need to know if i had a point or i was out of point. Stress in Modern Society by Laura Hi can someone review my writing for this change in society essay and give it a band score if possible please? Jun 30, 8 bands by: Anonymous great. Sep 15, Correction by: Anonymous Hi! I've taken the liberty of correcting your essay. Unfortunately there is no way to highlight the mistakes in red, so you'll have to read and compare to what you have written.

However, some people argue that people today do not suffer from as much stress as they did in the past when the concept of stress did not exist To begin with, people in modern societies tend to have numerous concerns whilst pursuing a high standard of living Employees are forced to work longer hours, which results in a large amount of stress Common today's mental illnesses, resulting from stress such as bipolarity, eating disorder, social anxiety did not exist. Changing Hobbies and Interests by abdur rahim kutubi Bangladesh Popular hobbies and interests change over time and are more a reflection of trends and fashions than an indication of what individuals really want to do in their spare time.

Mar 03, Commandable by: Anonymous I am not very much sure of conclusion part!! But I found difficulty understanding the question a bit!! Role of Libraries in Modern Society by eun korea. Nov 16, Libraries by: Anonymous Libraries play a very important role in our in our life libraries help us to learn more information. However, the main issue I would have with this essay is the length - did you write it in 40 minutes??

Jul 11, very lengthy by: Anonymous Nicely written but essay was bit of over exerted sort of. Felt as if writer was going off the track sometimes. Otherwise nice effort. Changing Society Essays by Mohsin Hassan Khan Quetta, Pakistan Some people think that only governments can make significant changes in society, while others think that individuals can have a lot of influence.

Jan 04, checked by: Anonymous I don't get it Jun 13, c by: Anonymous this is not a good essay bro, especially the example. The Use of Public Parks Essay by Arvind Sharma Although many people value their public parks, this space could be better used for other purposes such as residential areas for the ever growing population or to develop business and boost economies. May 31, Fine writing by: Anonymous Hello, Firstly, be extra careful with your grammar. There are plenty of mistakes which can hinder you from getting a high score.

Secondly, your 3rd paragraph is confusing. Do you fully support, or partly concur with the idea of keeping those parks? Finally, you should give more effort to write the conclusion. Don't just restate like that. Anyway, it is a good essay, though. Jun 04, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the essay by: Anonymous Hello, I really appreciate that you have read my essay and checked where I made the mistakes. You are right on the point that the 3rd paragraph seems to be ambivalent. I think that it should have been mentioned in the introduction whether I am going to write in the favor of having parks or against.

I think that in the 3rd paragraph idea should have been extended. I am bit confused about the task achievement. What if I do not write anything about the demolishing of the parks for making the room for others or for business, will this fulfill the task achievement? Jun 07, The Use of Public Parks Essay by: IELTS buddy You are better to make sure you do address any points that are raised in the question as it could be seen to not be fully answering the question thus getting a lower score for task achievement if you do not. So yes I would write about developing business and boosting economies.

Jun 26, Essay on the Impacts of Shopping by: Anonymous Hi You have some problems with sentence structure and tenses like have or will have. Good luck. Jun 27, Lack of vocabulary and sentence structure by: Anonymous Hi. U need to work on sentence structure and avoid repetition of words like 'thing', 'very', 'many', 'purchase'. Instead of that u can use synonyms. Try to use some complex and heavy words to make ur essay much effective.

School was easy, and I never had to work very hard, meeting the minimum requirements and working no further Research Papers words 1. My youngest son had been there and was immensely touched by this. Therefore, I determined this assignment would be the perfect opportunity for me to visit and in turn write about it.

Immediately, in all honesty, I understood that this memorial and museum were a dedication of peace and hope that will change you forever. The museum is a place of amazing transformation that offers a unique insight of the events that took place on April 19, No one could possibly understand the pain and the confusion I felt the morning that would change my life forever.

This event in my life was the most difficult thing I have ever been through but it made me a better and stronger person. It was a normal Saturday morning for my family at the lake; my mom was making pancakes for breakfast, my sister was watching TV, I was sleeping in, and my dad was pulling out of the dock to go water skiing with his buddies At a very young age, I felt trapped from finding what I wanted to become, until I met this engineer. This engineer had everything I ever wanted in life; he had the money, cars, house, and happiness.

At fifth grade, I made it my ultimate goal to become an engineer and find my circle of happiness. I always was a step ahead of everybody and mature Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Need Writing Help? The Day That Changed My Life Forever Essay - Throughout life we come across many people, some who influence us in negative ways, and those who influence in good ways, often changing our complete outlook on life.

Search Term:. It wasn't until the summer after fifth grade that I found out about the real Regina. I was walking to her house when I heard screaming and yelling. I stopped and realized that the screaming was coming from Regina's house, and it was her mom yelling at her. She was saying the most awful things I had heard, I couldn't believe that someone could be so mean, especially to their own daughter.

Nevertheless, Regina was at my house the next morning, smiling from ear to ear. Later in the day I noticed a bruise on her arm. I doubted that it was related to the incident the day before, but curiosity got the best of me and I asked her about it. Everybody gets mad sometimes, right? Two weeks later, on a Monday night, was the most terrible night of my life up to this point. It was my mom who had to tell me the news. She sat me down and very calmly told me that there had been an accident and my best friend hadn't made it.

After I got past the devastation, my whole view on life completely flipped. I was thankful for everything I got and all of my parent's support. Sometimes I went overboard in my display of affection and became annoying, but I had realized how important everyone was to me and I was terrified of losing them. I didn't find out until almost two years later that Regina had not died in an "accident". Her mother beat her to death. I wonder how many people cringed upon reading that sentence.

The majority of people in our society, ignorant and self absorbed, will choose not to believe it and will brush it off as if it is no big deal. And that is the reason so many children are abused. People are too afraid to speak out, to dirty their hands with someone else's dirt, so they disregard it and walk on, telling themselves it isn't happening. Perhaps if everyone had gone through the same experience, they too would have some compassion. I only wish that Regina were still alive today, even just to see who I've become, all thanks to her. It's terrible that it took the life of my best friend to get me past my selfishness and thanklessness, and although I am so grateful that I have become someone better, it isn't worth the price I paid. I would give it all back in an instant to have one more day with her.